PalmPheon Music Licensing

We administer a boundless multitude of broadcast quality master recordings. Whether you are working on a digital campaign or a traditional media project, our music licenses are used in apps, films, video games, advertisements, and television programs just to name a few.

We pride ourselves in representing such a diverse catalog of music. From the most popular to the new and emerging that have not yet been defined. We are committed to ensuring that you have the perfect song to fit all of your sonic needs. With our simple and affordable licensing options, you will only pay for the usage you require.


The PalmPheon Difference

Handpicked Quality Music

Handpicked Quality Music

We are very particular about the songs we add to our catalog. We handpick the finest tracks from leading composers across the globe. Our focus is to provide only the highest quality music. So, you can find the right tracks for your project in the most efficient manner.

Exclusive Music

Exclusive Music

All of our music is exclusive to us. You will not find it anywhere else. This gives you a distinct advantage. There is no dilution factor – your project will have new and original tracks that are not overused.

We Love What We Do

We Love What We Do

We are a small group of forward-thinkers and music lovers. We put our heart and soul into our work and provide our clients with 100% client satisfaction. With a commitment to world-class support, we enjoy picking up the phone and answering emails.

Our Licenses

A Standard License includes unlimited usage for the projects listed below, for perpetuity

YouTube (includes monetized videos) and Vimeo

Company and personal websites

Corporate videos

Slideshows (online, wedding, corporate)

Non-commercial films and theatre (film festivals, student productions)

FREE podcasts, apps, and games for iOS/Android/online

Up to 1,000 copies/downloads of a revenue generating podcast, DVD, app, or game (paid or with in-app purchases or advertising)

Includes unlimited needle drops in a single project or series in perpetuity

Television series and miniseries

Made for television films and documentaries

Talk shows and reality shows

News programs

Includes use in a single advertisement/spot in perpetuity

Television advertising

Radio advertising

In-theater advertising (screening pre-roll)

Public service announcements ( PSAs )

Sponsorship messages

Includes mass duplication of a single project

DVDs, CD-ROMs or any data storage device

Video on Demand ( VOD ), Netflix, iTunes

Revenue generating podcasts, apps, and games (paid or with in-app purchases or advertising)



Includes use in a single project, worldwide in perpetuity

Commercial short film or feature film

Commercial theatrical presentation or play

Custom licenses are per request only
Our in-house composers have an amazing track record when it comes to crafting perfect, one-of-a-kind tracks to fit our clients’ creative and commercial visions. Nothing is more important to us than pairing you up with that perfect piece of music.

Browse Our Catalog of Exclusive High Quality Music From Our Curated Library.

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Still have questions?

Not sure which license is right for you? Do you have a unique project that is not listed here? Do you require multiple licenses? Contact us!
*We also offer discounts if several Music Recordings are being used. Contact us for more information.

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